These Classes are Brazilian Jiu Jitsu without the Gi (kimono), wearing only official Gracie Barra Shorts and Rash Top.  Students enrolled in the GB2 & GB3 program can attend the No Gi Classes. 

In many GB Schools around the world, many GB athletes are preparing for the No-Gi Worlds. No-gi submission grappling rules is a competition format that is increasing in popularity worldwide. While most of the principles of jiu-jitsu are shared between gi and no-gi there are some significant differences (especially in grips!) and those jiu-jitsu practitioners looking to have a complete jiu-jitsu should spend some time training no-gi specific techniques in addition to the regular gi classes.

The student is forced to learn new grips since the collar, sleeves and pant legs are no longer available. That awesome spider guard is not so awesome without the sleeves to control! You can adapt your bjj to use non-kimono grips like under and over hooks, collar ties and wrist controls. You will gain an new understanding of the “handles” on the human body and how to control an opponent.

Our No Gi classes are available for our advanced students only. No Gi is fast-paced, cardio heavy, and requires a lot of flow and precise technique. It can be very dynamic and less of the slow grind that grappling in the Gi can often involve. They can be quite different but both a lot of fun!